Our Dogs

Watson's Maverick

The Sire

“Maverick” is our young 1 year old stud who is a healthy, affectionate, gentle dog with a calm disposition. He is loyal, clever, and eager to please which has made training him a breeze. He has a steady gait with strong muscle movement and loves to run. He is beautiful with his shimmery light honey golden coat. Watson’s Maverick is a registered AKC Golden Retriever. His sire was an AKC Golden Retriever (English cream) and his dam was an AKC Golden Retriever (American red). “Maverick” is a wonderful addition to our family.

Watson's Maverick AKC Registration Number: SS14134502

Watson's Maverick Pedigree: http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=1062021


Health Tests: 

Ichthyosis: Normal (Clear)

Hip Dysplasia: TBD Summer 2021

Elbow Dysplasia: TBD Summer 2021

Eyes: TBD Summer 2021

Heart: TBD Summer 2021


The Dam

Ruby is a healthy, protective, gentle, loving, and laid-back 2 year old dam. She is sensitive, intelligent, and easily trainable. Her parents were working hunting dogs which gives her a natural athletic build, a larger size (86 lbs), and strong retrieving instincts. She is a purebred Goldador (aka a purebred hybrid). Her sire was a purebred Golden Retriever (dark red colored) and her dam was an AKC Labrador Retriever (golden red colored). Being a Goldador gives Ruby a more robust genetic background and less chance of hereditary health issues. Ruby brings us so much joy.

Health Tests: 

Ichthyosis: Normal (Clear)

EIC (Exercise-Induced Collapse): Normal (Clear)

Hip Dysplasia: TBD Winter 2021

Elbow Dysplasia: TBD Winter 2021

Eyes: TBD Winter 2021

Heart: TBD Winter 2021


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